Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 Key Plays - vs. Maryland

[1] Sean Glennon makes a five yard pass to Greg Boone for a touchdown. The passing game this season has been consistently sub-mediocre. The offense opening the game with an early touchdown made for a much needed change in the trends of Hokie scoring this far in 2008.

[2] The Virginia Tech defense commits an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after a tackle for no gain, giving Maryland 15 yards and a first down. This fueled a drive leading to a Maryland touchdown bringing the Terrapins within 10 points with more than a whole quarter left to play. Every penalty of such a magnitude puts the team with the momentum at risk, and this penalty did just that. The Hokie squad has to avoid such penalties, especially easily preventable ones such as this.

[3] Brett Warren lands a big hit on Darrius Heyward-Bey to end the Maryland offensive drive that began with a punt fumble recovery. The Hokie defense had just shut down the Terrapin offense with a three and out set of downs. The fumble recovery gave the Terps just what they needed to swing the momentum of the game late in the third quarter and with a 10-20 Virginia Tech lead. Warren's big hit on Heyward-Bey capped off another Maryland three and out and prevented the swing of momentum that could have become a turning point in the game.


The Frozen Tundra said...

[1] Darren
[2] Evans
[3] #32

MadJay said...

Frozen you are right that Evans was a beast in this game. I think we need to share a little credit with the offensive line and tight ends who blocked their ASSES off out there. Best blocking performance I've seen by the o-line in pass protection and run game since 2005.


The Frozen Tundra said...

Agreed...actually *more* than a little credit deserves to be shared.