Wednesday, November 05, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week 11)

This week I take a look at some non-traditional games: A game against two bottom dwellers in the Big East, a game to keep a non-BCS conference's BCS hopes alive, and a game between a coach and his ex-team. Nick Saban will face his old team the LSU Tigers. His success at LSU is heralded culminating in a 2003 national championship.

#13 Texas Christian @ #10 Utah

The Horned Frogs' hopes of a slot in the BCS were ruined a month ago when they lost to Oklahoma. However since then they've been able to take care of business winning five straight. Joe Pesci's cousins are still [insert U-word here] and can see the light at the end of the tunnel to a BCS berth...

Unfortunately Terry Tate knocked to the ground because they forgot to put a cover on thier TPS report, Pick: Horned Kissable Frogs 41 - The Two Utes 31.

#1 (tie) Alabama @ #12 Louisiana State

"Where's the Ice" came back from Tennessee [or a bar with a Tennesseeian] with a joke.

Why did Tennessee go red on Tuesday?

Cause they didn't like to hear "GO bama!"

Sorry Tennessee. Good luck finding a coach though! Pick: GObama 364 - Nick Saban haters 174.

Game of the Week
#7 Oklahoma State @
#1 (tie) Texas Tech

Now that TT (no not Tyrod) has proven themselves a contender, they need to continue on their quest for the Holy Crystal Football. The Cowboys have an outside shot at the shiny glass thing, but need some help. TT has their work cut out for them...

But once again come out on top with good execution. Pick: Okay! 34 - The Blue Raiders 47.

Upset special
#8 Southern Cal @ #21 Cal

The Bruins and the Trojans have traditionally had quite a rivalry. USC is still looking for an outside shot at the MFC, while Cal can still make the Rose Bowl with a win.

Cal pulls of this weeks upset, Pick: Prophylactics 25 - Smart People 41.

#19 Georgia Tech @ #24 (tie) North Carolina

Georgia Tech currently sits atop the Coastal. North Carolina just hasn't played enough games in conference yet. Winner of this game has a shot at the division title, but not if the Hokies can match them. The Hokies have already beaten both these teams leaving them hoping the Hokies will lose another game. North Carolina should prove too tough at home...

And will prevail... barely, Pick: Bzzzz 19 - Butch Davis 21.

Syracuse @ Rutgers

This one's a bizarre one. After a year or so of notoriety, the Scarlett Knights have dwindled back to sub-mediocrity. The Orangemen haven't really recovered from losing out to the Hokies in recruiting Michael Vick. It won't be pretty in New Brunswick...

But the Knights get to pull out the straw. Pick: Juice 13 - Jersey Devil 42.

Cincinnati @ #22 (tie) West Virginia

The Bearcats are still in the hunt for the Big East championship. However, they have to travel to hostile Morgantown and escape with a victory without being pummeled by D-batteries. Somehow I don't see that happening...

The victory part that is. Pick: WKRP 21 - A rock works just as well 38.

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