Thursday, November 20, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week 13)

It'll be hard to top 6-1 this week especially with the "WHOA NELLY!" of a game in Norman at 8:00PM! As it looks like there won't be a preview of the Duke game -- we were all uber busy this week -- The Duke v. Hokies gametime is 5:30PM. It can be seen on ESPN U.

#1 Texas Tech @ #5 Oklahoma

Oh my God! I'm excited. I'll be booking it across campus to Big Al's to catch this game after the Tech game. Texas Tech has been a tremendous force putting up a gazillion points. Guess what so has Oklahoma...

Another Big Twelve Shootout, Pick: Better than the Black Raiders 51 - Okeylahomey 35.

#18 Brigham Young @ #7 Utah

The battle of the big state that looks like a hanging chad...

Utes remain Pick: LDS 10 - 35.

#15 Michigan State @ #9 Penn State

JoePa's miracle finish to his career came crashing down, but they're still in the hunt for Roses...

The Spartans come up shy of slaying the lion Pick: This is Sparta! 21 - Happy Gilmore Valley 28.

Upset Special
Meeechigan @ #14 Ohio State

The auto industry is going down the tubes. Michigan will not go to a bowl game for the first time in 33 years. Can nothing go right for the state of Michigan?

YES, Pick: General Motors 31 - NUTS 10.

#20 Pittsburgh @ #17 Cincinnati.

I'm currently flipping between the Miami destruction and the Steelers v. Bengals game...

Too bad the Penns weren't playing Columbus, eh Ice?, Pick: Penguins 10 - Blue Jackets 27.

Florida State @ #21 Maryland

Two teams also in the hunt for the Atlantic Division. Win an Maryland clinches the Atlantic Division Maryland is at home and is at home...

It just gonna happen again! Pick: Bobby 14 - Turtles 17.

Clemson @ Virginia

Believe it or not one of these teams will become bowl eligible this weekend. At 5-5, each team need a victory in their next two games...

Virginia too much for Tigers, Pick: Clemzone 15 - Boohoos 24.

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