Friday, November 14, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week One Dozen)

It was tough finding good match ups this weekend. With the Texas Tech @ Oklahoma game looming next weekend, the talk of the town is whether an off week for the two is good or bad.

Last week I went 4-3, not great, not bad. It's definitely improvable.

#22 Cincinnati @ Louisville

Cincy's coming off a big victory off of West Virginia. They turn back around and head to Louisville to solidify their stance at the top of the Big Least...

Battle of the Airport goes to the North, Pick: Corner of Ohio 31 - Batmakers 18.

#22 South Carolina @ #3 Florida

The Cocks have quite the challenge ahead of them. Florida is on fire and should roll on their way to securing their SEC division championship...

Tevo petitions renaming of offensive team name Pick: Gamehens 21 - Allahgators 44.

#11 Georgia @ Auburn

Auburn still struggles after releasing they're OC (SMART!)...

Tigers make Stinespring an offer! Pick: Booldogs 38 - Stinespring's new team 10.

Upset Special
#17 North Carolina @ Maryland

The Hokies lost last night now puts North Carolina in the driver seat for the division title. North Carolina can win out and go to the ACC Championship. Maryland is also in the hunt for their division. Which one of the two Marylands show up tomorrow?

Maryland wins... Hokies need Miami to lose rest of their games! Ha, Pick: Butch Davis 10 - Turtles 15.

#19 Brigham Young @ Air Force

Air Force is not a push over. They are a formidable opponent that BYU will struggle with...

But pull out in the end, Pick: Mormons 24 - Maverick & Iceman 21.

Boston College @ #16 Florida State

Two teams also in the hunt for the Atlantic Division. Boston College wakes up and beats the somewhat overrated Florida State...

Go Burgandy and Gold! Pick: Paaak ya Caa 24 - Bobby Hill when he's that age 17.

Duke @ Clemson

As you can tell I struggled to find quality matchups this weekend...

Duke wins? Pick: It's not basketball 35 - Bud Foster's team to be 24.


Hokie Guru said...

EhhTee, the natives are restless at FBS.

Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi said...

It took me forever to figure out what FBS was! Still Div 1A to me buddy.