Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 Key Plays - VT vs. UVa

1) On the Hokies' first possession, down 7-0 to UVa, Tyrod Taylor completed a 3 yard TD pass to Jarrett Boykin to tie the game up at 7. This was enormous for three reasons - it was the first time the Hokies have scored on their opening possession this season, it was a needed answer to Virginia's opening drive to give the defense time to get together on the sideline to solve the UVA Wildcav formation, and it was Taylor's first TD completion to a receiver, restoring his confidence in himself after a poor performance against Duke. 

2) Trailing 14-7 on the first drive of the second half, the Hokies faced 3rd and 7 deep in their own end (from their own 18). UVa was about to capture all the momentum. As he has done throughout his career, Taylor calmly ripped off a 73 yard run to the UVa 9 and turned the game on its ear. To those of you who have been trying to say Glennon should be the guy, both Tyrod Taylor and I have this to say to you - "Good day sir". 

3) Defending a 17-14 lead with the hated Cavs down to the Hokie 25 yard line, Dorian Porch perfectly timed a Marc Verica pass, intercepting it in the end zone and returning it to the Hokie 40 yard line. Not only did this end the scoring threat, but it allowed the Hokies to burn UVa's remaining timeouts and then pin UVa deep on the punt, essentially eliminating the chance for a comeback. Chalk up another victory opportunity sealed by the Hokie defense (making Foster's unit 14 out of 17 chances when defending an 8 point or less lead with the game is on the line - amazing). 

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