Saturday, November 29, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week 14)

Not such a good week last week. Still wondering what possessed me to pick Michigan over Ohio State. This is the last full week before we get into Championship Week. Rivalry Week is always a hard week to pick.

Notre Lame @ USC

Ack, not the game I'd like to pick, but that's what I get for waiting until 24 minutes before the games start on Saturday. Wanted to pick last night's game...

Pick: Even the media dissed Lame 3 - No Matt Leinert 44.

Auburn @ (1) Alabama

Tradition. Bama-Auburn is laced with it. The definition of rivalry. Auburn has won the last five matchups. Bama wins and they continue their quest for perfection...

Tide rolls easy, Pick: Needs an OC, we've got one for ya 10 - What does the elephant have to do with anything? 35.

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

Panic! 10 minutes to go and I think the Cowboys win. But I can't pull the trigger... Okay now 1 minute... I'm going against Lee Corso... Bedlam!!!!!

Alright I'm doing it Upset Special, Pick: ChOUke 41 - Bullgirls 45.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia

The Yellow Jackets have just the Wahoos to root for. The Dogs are locked into position. This one is for peach pride...

Atlanta Power, Pick: Buzz Cola 21 - Ugliest Dog Ever 17.

Florida @ Florida State

Sorry Bobby...

Florida chomps, Pick: Tevo 52 - Gator Bait 10.

Oregon @ Oregon State

Another rivalry game that defines rivalry. Win and Oregon State goes to the Rose Bowl. Lose and USC will be sniffin' flowers...

Quack! Pick: Webbed Feet 27 - I just had it stuffed 17.

Maryland @ Boston College

Boston College needs a win to win the Atlantic division. Maryland is not at home...

Turtle soup to go with pumpkin pie, Pick: Under Armor stock just went down 9 - Why can't I find anything funny to say about the Eagles? 27.

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